Sunday, June 15, 2008


Just a piece I was working on during Sunday afternoon.

It's a portrait of my grandfather, he passed away last year.

I'm going to do a piece on my grandmother as well, as a set.


GHGraphics said...

aaaaaaand its about time he updates. I've been checking your blog every single day for the last 8 months waiting for you to update. No, that was a joke. SILLY ME!

Coolness Dave. Do more of him and others and really analyze that structure! get in there with a small brush and try to really capture the way the nose eyes and mouth attach to the face. After 5 of these badboys you'll find a real improvement if you really analyze it thoroughly and after 20... They'll be able to glide right off your hand...

Lettie said...

hha WOW U CG + posted!!
so proud of u !!
and so surprised ur grandfather looks so young : O